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I work one to one with clients using any or all of the skills below in a focussed way. As a starting point I facilitate clients to clearly define their goals, whether they be emotional, psychological or behavioural. As well as the obvious joy of achieving goals, this allows the work to be measurable.

Clean Language Technique also known as Grovian Metaphor Work

This is my favoured way of working with clients simply because it usually brings results and often very quickly.  Grovian metaphor work fundamentally addresses negative emotional states.

During my early years as a therapist I found clients were presenting with issues that they claimed they had previously worked through,  yet the problems seemed to still be present.  Although clients had a deeper understanding of what their problems were or why they had them,  often the negative 'feelings' remained which would then trigger negative thinking.   The reason for this, it seemed to me, was that the underlying emotional energy was still present within the client.

Aiming to address emotional issues cognitively or behaviourally doesn't seem to diminish the bad feelings.  The simple explanation for this is that feelings live in the body not in the mind, so they need to be cleared from the body. Grovian Metaphor does just this.

Although hypnotherapy has long known about the need to release negative emotional charge from a memory,  metaphor work remains,  in my opinion,  superior because it gives the control to the client by the use of its unique clean language approach which empowers the client.

How it works

The technique involves a series of questions which are determined by the clients’ answers.  As the client elicits, memory or metaphor (symbols or images) they are guided to reframe experiences in an elegant, congruent manner none of which is contaminated by therapist input or interpretation, hence the name Clean Language.

This reframe at an unconscious level then has the effect of recalibrating the body's systems and as if by magic those horrible feelings (anxiety, tension, energy blocks, pain, discomfort) disappear and the client is left feeling more themselves.


Is a process of self-discovery based upon a caring and supportive relationship between therapist and client. This approach seeks sources of emotional conflicts thereby gaining insight into one’s strengths and abilities enabling greater self-awareness and control in one’s life. My approach is eclectic and I draw on a number of different disciplines when working in psychotherapy. Clients are invited to reframe negative experiences once they have gained insight and understanding as to how and why this will help them to feel better.


Hypnosis is a gentle, pleasant altered state of conscious awareness. A mentally and physically relaxing experience during which positive suggestions are made to the subconscious mind. This approach can help in many problems including fears, phobias, stress, weight-loss, smoking, confidence-building, exam nerves, sexual problems, relationship issues, public performances, self-esteem, sporting challenges, childhood issues and many other difficulties.

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is a really useful tool for losing weight. Some people just get into bad eating habits, they recognise this and often one session is sufficient to put them back on track and into sensible healthy eating patterns. Other eating disorders such as obesity, anorexia, bulimia and addictions are indicators of more deep rooted issues. In these cases underlying issues will be treated sensitively, with respect in more regular psychotherapy sessions with the option of hypnosis suggestions to encourage positive change.

Stopping Smoking

Smokers fall into two categories  Habit or Compulsive. Below I outline the different approaches.


In this one-stop-smoking session I use a blend of techniques which include hypnosis. If you are a habit smoker it is quite possible that you will stop after just one session. 


When you have decided that you intend to stop smoking contact me by phone to arrange an appointment which will last 90 minutes. I will give you further instructions that will lead to closer to your goal to become a non-smoker.


If you are a compulsive smoker what this loosely means is that smoking is not so much the problem as a symptom of another more deep rooted underlying problem. Often this underlying problem will be of an emotional nature and the habit of smoking has adhered itself to it. In my experience until that underlying issue has been addressed you will not be prepared to part with your ‘prop'. If you feel or I have a strong sense that you are a compulsive smoker I suggest you give up gradually over a period of sessions in which I will use hypnosis suggestions to help you to cut down whilst addressing your underlying issues.

So how do I know which category I fall into?

I suggest to clients that they aim to stop smoking in one session. Once you have booked your one-stop-smoking session I will ask you to do certain things leading up to your stop date. If you are unable to do these (very simple) things that tells me that you would be better suited to stopping more gradually and you can then make that decision.


Counselling provides a confidential relationship which enables you  to talk through current problems and discover ways to deal with situations or crises that may be hard to face, encouraging growth and development in relationships, the work place and at home.

Nero-Linguistic Programming

NLP is modern psychology focussing fundamentally on the positive and concerned with creating excellent communication with ones self and others. It builds on the idea of modelling on excellence. For example if there is something you want to do or have, the NLP  notion is to find someone who already has it or does it and by modelling on their excellence (ie behaviour, attitude or actions) you are able to develop that within yourself.  It is a solution oriented approach which allows the practitioner to develop the talents skills and attitudes of the client enabling them to move forward.  There is so much more to NLP and you will find a glut of books in every book shop on this subject for further reading.  It is a highly successful approach, empowering for the client and suitable for most people.


Are you ready to develop laser sharp thinking?

Business Coaching provides the skills to facilitate deeper thinking through a range of complex issues.

You're busy, I get that. Coaching sessions are easily accessible and fit into your schedule.

Coaching leads to improved performance in every area of your and life and fosters motivation and creativity.  I coach you through pivotal decisions and minimise stress, whilst adding value by providing access to resources and content to feed and strengthen the mind.

From these sessions you can expect to feel more emotionally mature to develop complete confidence and a stronger belief in yourself and your decisions.



Sessions - £ 110.00  Per hour