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Lose that weight now

Take the wait out of weight loss by listening regularly to Lose That Weight Now. I have created this hypnosis program to allow you to take on board simple common sense suggestions about your eating habits. There is minimum effort required on your part to listen regularly last thing at night as you drift off to sleep. Alternatively set your alarm 20 minutes early in the morning and arise with a positive sense of commitment and determination to eat sensibly. You can also use the program/cd as a power nap in the middle of the day or any other time.


Stress Free Relaxation With Confidence

By listening regularly to the Stress Free with Confidence cd/program you can expect to feel more relaxed, develop a more optimistic, positive state of mind and have a better sense of self-confidence. Hundreds of people listen regularly to Stress Free with Confidence using it as a general boost to self-esteem or in preparation for something more important such a presentation or public performance.


Breathe Easy

There are all kinds of reasons that people have poor breathing patterns, for example holding the breath without realising it, this can result in symptoms such as anxiety, panic and physiological symptoms of stress and tension. BREATHE EASY was created in response to the growing number of people suffering from such conditions. This is a training program that with practice will alter your breathing leaving you feeling more relaxed, in control and altogether calmer.


Movement Now

MOVEMENT NOW contain a series of safe and gentle exercises ideally suited to 3rd age generation adults or anyone who has suffered from ill health and who want to feel flexible again. If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle or just want to begin a regime of exercises that are simple, safe and gentle, this is an ideal programme for you.


I Just Want To Be Happy – Book

Do you ever wonder what makes you tick? Is there something that stops you from feeling happy?
This book could provide all the answers. It will give you insight into your behavioural patterns. The practical information in
the book will help you to take a huge step forward in your personal journey towards HAPPINESS and self discovery. Packed full of interesting exercises to make positive changes it will help you to understand your psychological programming. When you use the tools and techniques for change, you can free yourself from the past and increase your self-confidence

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